Security Services

ACITS can help organizations maximize the business value of enterprise security to achieve high performance.

Our Security services stand apart. We have more than 10 years of experience helping corporations and governments across the globe use security to both defend the enterprise against malicious threats and enable the enterprise to operate new business processes while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

We offer a broad range of information security services from strategy through design, build and deployment to the run and operations of security.

We help clients make better decisions and align risk on several fronts:

Security Services
  • Enhancing security capabilities and embedding a culture of security and risk management
  • Positioning the enterprise for potential stress situations and reacting quickly to fast-moving events
  • Increasing cost efficiency despite mounting threats and regulatory burdens
  • Managing the complexity that comes with delivering identity and access management
  • Protecting critical applications and data from sophisticated attacks, wherever the data travels
  • Using analytics to recognize patterns and isolate the root causes of problems

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach—close collaboration with our clients, our technology partners, and within our own organization. We work side by side with a client to identify the holistic set of requirements relevant to the client’s business and regulatory environment, in order to define a solution that delivers an appropriate return on investment.

ACITS Security Consulting


Following is the list of Security consultings that we offer:


Healthcare companies, from payers to providers, manage information that is measured in terms of life and death, not just dollars and cents. Security and Privacy decisions are critical in this industry, which is rapidly adopting new technologies such as Mobile and Cloud, while facing increased regulations including HIPPA, HITECH and Meaningful Use (I & II).

ACITS has deep roots providing services and custom-made solutions to Healthcare industry.We are ready to help you lower risks and increase efficiencies in you enterprise.

Enterprise Risk

Pressure from increased threats, greater compliance, and tighter budgets make an efficient approach to enterprise risk a necessity

  • Enterprise Security Roadmap (ESR) heps you best prioritize constrained resources and deliver positive outcomes.
  • A complete, methodology-driven suite of services to help lower risk and increase efficiencies
  • Analysis of business impact, current state, future state and development of prioritized roadmap
  • Maximize effectiveness of IT Security spending with actionable results
  • Alligning security and compliance policies with evoving corporate requirements
  • Supply chain secirity

Application Security

Aligning application development processes and practives with security and compliance policies

  • Apply the Security Development Lifecucle as you update you apps
  • Apply the Security Development Lifecycle as you develop new apps
  • Inject security into already compiled code to protect app integrity and sensitive data
  • Secure your new Mobile apps
  • Secure your new Cloud apps
  • Enhance the security of ERP (SAP, Oracle, IBM) apps

Cloud/Data Center Security

How to gain the efficiencies of the elastic cloud, without all the risk

  • Development or Assessment of a Cloud security roadmap
  • Selecting a Cloud service provider
  • Data classification services
  • Security policy extensions for Cloud environments
  • Hypervisor security assessment
  • Cloud Risk Assessment, Cloud compliance assessment
  • identity and Access Management in private, public and hybrid Clouds
  • Application security in the Cloud
  • Privacy issues in the Cloud
  • Test, patch, license, audit, encrypt, help desk in the Cloud

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