Green Agenda

By Green ICT, we mean the optimal use of information and communication technology services, both internally and externally that contribute to an organisation’s environmental footprint reduction. This can be achieved by:

  1. Efficient energy consumption in IT infrastructure and operations
  2. Enabling sustainability improvements across the organisation in business processes

Energy Consumption

ICT pollutes but it can also be a solution to produce great savings, for example in CO₂ emissions. ACITS has taken several measures to reduce energy consumption, to make it more efficient and green. We have also drawn up a code of conduct for our suppliers so that we can be sure that they too consider the environment and human rights.

In addition, ACITS delivers ICT solutions which help reduce the environmental footprint. As an example, The New Way of Working reflects what our service is about. As a worldwide ICT service provider and manager of millions of workplaces, we offer customers flexibility, independent of time and place. We advise, facilitate and initiate new ways of working, in terms of people and solutions, from consultancy to workplace management, from applications to training.

Through our services, we can help reduce CO₂ emissions. Working closely with our customers, we can guarantee them a socially responsible solution. In the form of Green ICT, we deliver concrete energy and cost-saving ICT solutions, enabling our customers to achieve their environmental objectives. In every client engagement, ACITS raises the question of how to minimise environmental impact. This means that our clients frequently find themselves with improved environmental and CSR results as a collateral benefit of choosing ACITS as an ICT service partner.


As an IT Services Provider, ACITS does not present a high environmental impact; however, as part of its environmental policy, ACITS is committed to using energy, materials and natural resources efficiently and in a more sustainable manner. To support this, the Company is committed to the reduction of waste by the use of improved waste management processes and increasing the level of recycling, the reduction of energy usage within our data centres and offices, reduced business travel by the use of video-conferencing technology, and the increased use of recycled stationery materials. ACITS Sustainability aim is to be compliant with legislation and regulations based upon the following principles:

  • continual improvement, through setting objectives and targets, continuous monitoring and review
  • complying with, and where appropriate exceeding, applicable legal and other requirements relevant to our operations
  • prudent use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution
  • communicating ACITS commitment to sustainable development across the company and beyond

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