Look at how people work together in your business. The smart-phone, tablet and laptop are the tools of the job for many. People who work in fixed locations rely on thin clients, PCs, printers, fixed line phones – even point-of-sale terminals for some.

We paint the picture with the devices people use - it’s natural to focus on the objects we handle every day. But their only real purpose is to carry the applications which you use to do business. Without those, you may as well be carrying a piece of wood around with you, or putting a brick on your desk.

And in a world in which your relationships with your own customers are increasingly influenced by your fixed and mobile online presence, it’s true for your clients too: devices are devices – but it’s the applications which do the business and allow you to connect and collaborate with clients and colleagues alike.

ACITS is known and respected as a Workspace services company – and for us, the ability to manage the applications on which our clients rely throughout their lifecycle is just as important as our ability to manage the physical technologies of the Workspace.


Applications in Context

Every organisation seeks to drive out cost and complexity from their applications practice - to stop paying for licenses which are never used; to rationalise the instances of ERP and CRM investments across multiple geographies; and to accelerate the provision of new business applications without compromising security or interoperability with the heritage environment.

In all ACITS discussions with clients on application management, these issues stay high on the agenda. But just as with Workspace Management, Application Lifecycle Management it’s always worth standing back and asking one fundamental question:

How will your approach make it possible for you to do more and better business with your customers?

In part, the answer relates to those applications which provide a direct business interface with your own customers. In part, it relates to the applications your employees rely on to collaborate with each other and indeed with your extended community of partners.

Three Tiers of Service


ACITS Application Lifecycle Management is delivered through an industrialised three-tier service model. As experienced managers of complex and highly-articulated service teams, ACITS takes full responsibility for the coordination of work with both your own teams and with third party specialists


Sustained management of all designated applications throughout the lifecycle. Managing the continued evolution of all technical, commercial and compliance requirements.


Ensuring that all new applications, whether bespoke or off-the-shelf, are brought into operation smoothly, safely and cost-effectively. This activity also embraces application re-platforming including, for example, transformation from local application delivery to SaaS models.


Working with both our own and third party application development teams, ACITS brings new and enhanced business applications to market for our clients

Our ICT service proposition continues to evolve, and the current increase in demand for Online Services blurs the boundary between Application and Workspace Management services like never before.

When you talk with ACITS about your own ambitions for the Workspace, let’s begin by pulling down the barrier which has all too often put your devices in one camp and your applications in another.

Because from now on, Application Lifecycle Management and Workspace Management belong together – with ACITS, it’s the New World of Work.

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