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Here you will find summary of the whitepapers on various ICT related topics, written by ACITS’ experts.


Below is a summary of the subjects covered:

The Changing role of the CFO

Will the role of the CIO cease to exist in 5 years’ time? ACITS research reveals CFO’s predictions on the changing nature of the CIO’s role.

My Workspace

Employees decide more and more where, when and how to work. Employees are ready and asking for a new way of working with the latest workspace tools and facilities for anytime, anywhere working.

New world – New behaviour – New support

We see a new way of working beginning to emerge, driving some big changes in the world of ICT support. These are particularly noticeable in the way your employees access and exploit the support they need.

Mobility is more than movement

ACITS is keenly focused on the new world of work – on understanding how organisations can rethink ICT to fit the individual employee. How can you adopt and manage technology to make the greatest possible contribution to personal productivity?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

This document describes the ACITS position towards Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Application packaging in a changing landscape

Inside every enterprise, there are hundreds or even thousands of off-the-shelf and bespoke applications running every day. The cost and complexity of managing these essential business resources has become a serious burden.

Dynamic outsourcing scorecard

After the decision to outsource ICT facilities, an intensive process is often initiated. Consultancy firms are hired to assist the organisation in their quest to find a suitable supplier who best fits the needs of the customer.


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