As a Company with a long history of workspace expertise, ACITS believes that ICT demands will be driven by the needs of individual end users. The challenge to any organisation is to use technology to enable their workforce to become more productive, by making it easier for people to collaborate, wherever they are, in a secure and cost effective way.

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ACITS has been helping enterprises manage their workspace since the first time a desktop computer sat on a desk. Throughout forty years of continuous support and change management, we have kept our clients’ workspace environments running securely, cost-effectively and at peak performance.

We have changed the face of workspace management and support too. The ACITS Service coordinates the resources of nine leading IT service companies to provide end-to-end workspace service in over 90 countries. Taking responsibility for over 7.4 million workspace assets, the Alliance is ranked number three worldwide in enterprise end-user device management by Ovum (2012).

We have not achieved this position of authority by sitting still. By helping you anticipate and manage change, we ensure that your workspace will always enable employees to be more productive, flexible and effective.

How do we do it?

ACITS designs, implements and manages the infrastructure which enables an organisation’s employees to collaborate and to interact with applications and information. We address all aspects of the workspace from initial consultation and profiling of requirements, through to applications remediation, desktop and mobile interface designs, to a complete managed service based on ITIL processes delivered in a secure and globally consistent fashion.

Green IT and carbon efficiency are extremely important to ACITS and our workspace services aim to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, while being able to adapt to rapid business change.

Following are our workspace services:

  • On Premise and Workspace as a Service
  • Deployment & System Migration
  • Mobile Workspace

Online Services

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If you would like to discuss any IT service requirement with ACITS, please get in touch:

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If you would like to discuss any IT service requirement with ACITS, please get in touch with us:

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